About Us


In a world of mass production and global supply chains, owning a knife is easier than ever but that knife will usually lack the character and soul that came with handcrafted blades of history,  At Spangler Forge, our mission is to combine traditional hand-forging techniques with modern metallurgy to create unique blades that not only out-perform the competition, but also brings the look and character that you would expect from hand forged blades.

A True Blacksmith Shop

Spangler Forge is a true blacksmith shop; there are no power hammers, hydraulic presses, or propane forges.  We heat steel in a coal forge and work it to shape with a hammer and anvil.  Human spirit meets hot iron, just like it has for thousands of years.

Our Smiths

With over a decade of traditional blacksmithing experience and a degree in Mechanical Engineering, we can blend ancient tradition and modern science to make blades of the highest quality.